Just what makes Porous Bronze such a good investment?

Many things…..

With the advent of controlled porosity manufacturing processes, design engineers were presented with a whole new dimension in materials technology.
They offered the designer unique properties of pore volume, pore capillary action, electrical resistively, specific surface, gas permeability, liquid permeability, controlled capillary action and wear resistance in a variety of metallic alloys.

Porous Bronze filters are preferred for their strength, durability and filtration superiority over paper, cloth and plastics. In this environmentally charged world, their ability to be scraped out and re-utilized is key for the future and has moved to the forefront of manufacturing concerns within the community.

Their durability also makes them low maintenance when stacked against the competing filter markets. When you add the cost of labor required to maintain and change other filtration products……. porous bronze just makes smart economic sense.

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