“Just what is a Porous Bronze Filter?”…..

Well, you'd be surprised just how often they pop up in the background of our daily lives.

If you've ever flown on a 737, or its big brother the 747, we're there…. keeping the pilot's gyroscope free of moisture during operation.

Flown in a Cessna? We're on the ground filtering the fuel lines keeping the planes safely aloft.

When you start up your car and/or SUV in the all too early AM each day…. chances are we're in your fuel line keeping things clean and running smoothly!

We can be found out on the Open Ocean aiding electrical and loran equipment that guide you safely home .

Household projects and plumbing just wouldn't be the same without those hand-held torches, would they? Yep, those torches wouldn't light safely and continue to burn cleanly without out filter's presence in the torch tip.

High performance race car carburetors, we keep many humming in a profession where a minute can mean a lifetime.

The Space Shuttle, The Olympic Torch, Industrial welding, agricultural irrigation, Diving, chemical & waste pollution, FBI, photography, Military, gas, oil heat, sound…. you’ll probably find us there…. filtering the world with imagination and the highest quality elements!


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